Tiny Vinyl Prints for Purses


I now have around four or five purses that i’m happy with and am working on some more small, delicate designs to be printed onto fabric. So far I’ve had much more success with these small designs as the big ones are very tricky to print.


I’ve been practicing creating seamless repeat patterns using Photoshops “Define Pattern” tool. I just had to make a vinyl related pattern to match my obsession with buying records. I can’t wait to get these onto fabric as they never look great as a flat image. I’ve also been modifying some old patterns and adjusting the layout. I hope you like!

web1 web2


Society 6

Society 6 are an American based company that allow users to sell their artwork as prints, bags, pillows and many other items. I’ve always been a bit sceptical of using them simply because I’d rather sell designs from my own shop. It does however have quite a few benefits as I have recently realised. The best thing about Society 6 is when you upload your image you can see a mock up straight away (see photo examples). This is really addictive and can be really helpful in deciding what sizes and colours work on different products. It’s also a good way to learn about converting your designs into different formats as each product requires a different size image. I certainly won’t be using this as a substitute to printing and sewing my own fabrics but this is a great way to practice and test out ideas without spending money.






Jonathan Adler for Uniqlo

Japanese clothing company Uniqlo caught my eye after their collaboration with Orla Kiely a few years ago. Their latest collaboration is with New York designer Jonathan Adler. I had never heard of him until last week when I popped into my local store, but was immediately drawn to this collection. I love these simple, bold and colourful designs. They are another great example of keeping a pattern clean and uncluttered. I bought the one in the middle, it was a steal at £12.90. One day I’d love to have a range of tops like this. See the full range on the Uniqlo website.

JA2 copy


Itchin’ to Stitch


I have spent the past 3 weeks making purse after purse after purse after purse. I’ve been practicing with cheap calico to make sure I get the design perfect. The aim is to get the sides of the zip looking neat and tidy. I’ve been looking at lots of helpful blogs for the right technique as it’s more difficult than I thought. After the 10th attempt I got the perfect result and am thrilled with the results. I’ve just started making the “real” ones now. The lining was bought from Simply Fabrics in Brixon and the zips as well, although i’m on the look out for some classy metal ones. I’m thinking of making a leather tab for the zip pull. What would be even better is a bespoke zip pull in the shape of the little twig design but it’s very difficult finding bespoke design manufacturers.

Anyway, here are the results so far.


20140421_181510 20140421_181421 20140421_181238

Look how perfect the zip sides are! this took soooooooo long to get right and am chuffed with the final result.




Progress and Konpeito’s



I’m going into the studio today for another printing session and i’m super nervous that it will go wrong again. Here are some more designs i’ve been working on. I’m trying to keep them simple and bold.

20140328_112455 20140328_112324 20140328_112302

This design is inspired by the scene in Spirited Away where the little soot characters come out and start eating the Konpeito’s (Japanese candy). It still needs a bit of work though.



I’ve started sewing and have been practicing making purses. All I need now is a decent print and i’ll be over half way there!

20140328_113334 20140328_113349

Practice Makes Perfect

Here are the results of the third printing session. This time lots of things went wrong. I’m finding it impossible to line up my prints accurately and am still having issues with getting a clean image.


I attempted to print white onto some lovely Japanese cotton bought on Ebay but I don’t think I put enough white ink in the base. The only successful piece was the  blue twig design which worked really well. Before I print again I’m going to have to do a bit of research on textile techniques. So far Squeegee and Ink have been really helpful and have been sending me some YouTube videos. If anyone has tips or advice for me it would be very much appreciated.

IMG_4746 IMG_4748 IMG_4751

I am getting closer to making tote bags. Here is a mock up made with some black webbing. I love this look and just need find somewhere that does large amounts of the stuff.


Stitchin’ and Fixin’

No one ever tells you that starting up a new project can have a multitude of problems and errors. There can be irritating little issues that make you want to forget the whole thing and retire to eating biscuits on the sofa.

Before Christmas I had my first screen printing session for a while and managed to print onto two lengths of fabric. I came across a few issues as my screen was too small for repeat patterns and it leaked water onto the fabric, causing bleeding. I also realised that i’m terrible at lining images up and ended up with a lot of wonky repeat patterns.


This week I attempted at making some cushions out of the fabric. The first one I made was too big, the second one I stitched the wrong way round and will have to unpick, the third one I prepared properly with a template and got it just about perfect apart from the print itself which is a bit rubbish.

I’m mentioning all this because It’s easy to get frustrated when there are so many people that make everything look so damn easy, printing, making, photographing and branding their work to look beautiful. I’m refusing to be disheartened and am writing all these little problems down so that next time i’ll do a better job. The next big issue for me is photographing my work. I live in a flat surrounded by objects and wires that get in the way. I’m considering shooting outside from now on because the light in this flat is just not enough.


Follow my progress hannah_b_5555 instagram

Anyway, hopefully the next session will be a little easier.


Screen Printing Day 1


I recently discovered Bainbridge Studios, a screen printing studio that is 5 mins from my house. I booked myself onto ten sessions and ordered some inks and cotton fabric for printing. Here are my first prints in 3 years. I’m very excited to get more designs printed and made into cushions and bags.

Oh yes, and I even photographed my dropcloth too.



Perfect prints from Maze and Vale

I’m taking tiny steps in becoming a textile designer and have just found a local studio where I can screen print my work. In the meantime I have been getting inspiration from other illustrators and printers. Today I stumbled across Leslie Keating, a Canadian designer who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Leslie creates hand printed textiles under the name Maze and Vale. I was really struck by her use of simple clean shapes and soft dusty colours. As a designer I have a tendency to overwork patterns and include too many shapes. These prints really do show how simple ideas can work.


What really got me excited is that she sells cuttings of her dropcloths (sheets of protective cloth placed underneath your printing fabric) as pieces of art. What a fantastic idea! I’ve always loved the unusual layers and shapes created on lengths of old dropcloth.


You can purchase these prints from the Maze and Vale website or grab some fabric on the Etsy site. While you’re there I recommend following her Instagram page for more exciting prints and patterns.