Colourful Tote Bags

The last printing session was such a success. This was the first time I was able to print a large run in different colours with minimal problems. I managed yellow, blue and pink. I’ve now sewn them all into tote bags and am chuffed to bits. I’ve overlocked the inside seam so the edges don’t fray and have tested one out with all my heavy shopping and they take the weight. I’m now thinking of making larger purses in bright neon colours with a black zip for a really bold look.

20140713_132824 20140713_132734 20140706_190325

I’ve also been working on some new designs as i’m desperate to print something different. Here are some fun strawberry patterns i’ve been working on. I can just see these working as a two colour print (oh lord!) and really large so each strawberry will measure about 5 or 6cm.


web2 web1



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