Craft heaven at Slanchogled


Slanchogled is a fantastic little craft shop just a few minutes away from Chalk Farm Station and has been one of my little London secrets for a few years now. There are so many exciting items to get you inspired to create. There are the usual artist supplies like paints, pencils, notebooks and glue. They have colourful beads, wooden letters, balsa wood boxes and tiny little glass bottles with cork lids. They have a great selection of papers, pots, envelopes, little stamps and all at a reasonable price.

I bought some tiny metal buckets (£1.95 each) a small terracotta pot, (only 85p) a small glass jar and some fun sticky tape all for less than £10.This truly is a treasure trove for anyone who wants to get into crafting or is looking for some unusual items for a party or wedding. They even do workshops too! I have plans to use the sticky tape in my next post.


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