Ghosts Of Bush House

A few months ago a good of mine friend Robin Warren asked me to take some photographs for a project he was working on.

He had a plan to make a record made up of sounds recorded in and around the buildings of the BBC’s Bush House. Using only tape to record and manipulate these sounds. He documented doors creaking, opening, shutting and lifts moving.

I took my LCA+ and a few rolls of film. He lead me into various ramshackle rooms and insisted I snap doors, carpets, empty corridors and dusty mixing desks. As he pondered over the old Bakelite faders and the reel to reel tape machines collecting dust in the corner I admit I was a little skeptical.


Weeks later he excitedly clasped a test pressing of The Ghosts Of Bush and insisted we listen to it on my modest little stereo. As soon as the needle hit the groove and the echoey BBC pips opened, trailing off into a sinister reverberating tone, I have to say I joined the Robin Club of Excitement. What followed was 30 mins of sheer BBC Radiophonic delight.
Over the last month or so Ghosts of Bush House has been picked up by the likes of the Belbury Parish Magazine, Simon Reynolds, Invisible Spies, BBC6 music, The Quietus and various stations around the country. Last week the final pressing came back and you can see the final results, with my photographs right here.
If you’d like a digital download of this record go here.
For vinyl copies visit Robin’s website for further information.



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