Hoofus – Something Something

Hoofus - Something Something

For 8 months I ran a weekly radio show on Resonance FM inviting people to send in their promos and weird projects to be aired and promoted. Unsurprisingly most of what I received was pretty forgettable tongue-in-cheek guitar based indie whining that sent me mildly insane. Hoofus on the other hand caught my ear instantly. Andre Bosman has managed to create his début album “Something Something” with a battered midi controller and some serious energy. Hoofus is a spew of boisterous, punchy noises with 8-bit melodies and a whole spectrum of clicks, bleeps, blunders and distortions in between. He takes the everyday malfunction of modern technology, cuts it up and hands it back to you as a four minute sound assault. “Peekay” consists of thumping and fractured rhythms and cheeky melodies that could have been extracted from a C64 “End of Level” theme. The last minute of this track is a pure and unsettling tone that lingers, “Has your computer frozen?” asked my inquisitive flatmate, “no it’s Hoofus”, was my reply. “Skeleton Click” is the most infectious of tracks with a grimy and aggressive rhythm and a blooping, stomping melody that is likely to make your eye do that weird twitchy thing, which may be deliberate as Andre’s label is aptly called Twitchyeye. Please buy this record and support Andre’s project, he generally plays live gigs in Norwich and I’m seriously considering booking a train ticket to see him. I don’t particularly like Norwich so he really must be good.

Hoofus “something something” is out now on twitchyeyerecords http://www.hoofus.com/Buy here: http://www.twitchyeye.co.uk/releases.html

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