Lost Film

Last year my dad decided to clear out some old junk in the loft. He found his old Box Brownie and passed it on to me. There was still a roll of film inside which most of us decided was probably going to be blank as it had been sat in a dusty box for years. I decided to take it to the lab anyway, not expecting anything much. Surprisingly this roll of film had been sat in the camera since 1987 and was in perfect condition. It shows me on holiday with my dad and an old childhood friend, David French, who died from CF in 1997. It also had a picture of my old rabbit and me dressed in an embarrassing cadets outfit. What’s strange is I actually have a vague memory of some of these photos being taken.  It was such a lovely surprise to find these, I’m almost tempted to hide a roll of film in a camera and hope I find it in another 24 years.

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