OWN LABEL Sainsbury’s Design Studio 1962-1977

Every page from this Sainsbury’s own label collection brings a sense of warm nostalgia to my increasingly cold heart. The problem is, I wasn’t born until 1980 and this book follows a graphic history from 1962 – 77, long before I was even planned. In fact the only item I do remember is the crisp packets which were still being used when I was at primary school.

Thankfully, you don’t have to be a certain age to appreciate a slice of history.  This book is absolutely crammed with beautiful, minimal graphic design, with bold flat printed colours and simple visual ideas that are generally lost today due to technological advances, stronger competition and an added pressure come up with newer and more “exciting” design concepts.

Leafing through the pages, it’s hard not to smile at the frozen peas and carrots box with green circles and orange squares scattered around the cover.

Trunk Records founder Jonny Trunk has managed to bring together this archive of a lost era in one beautiful book. If you have any interest in design and drool slightly at block colours and chunky Sans Serif fonts then get yourself a copy, turn your smartphone off and loose yourself to some pure nostalgia for a moment or two. For more information visit Jonny Trunk’s Official Website.


  1. The White List 3rd March 2012

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  2. hannah brown 3rd March 2012

    wow, thanks for the lovely comments, glad you like, will check out your blog now…


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