Wheels and Cogs Pattern Design

The other day I made a silly doodle of these wheel shapes in my sketchbook. I love the simplicity of them so decided to create a repeat pattern. It took me a while to organise, first I tried arranging them at random over the page but eventually opted for the “less is more” approach and arranged them in a grid. The most difficult part of this process is getting the colours right. I’ve found that small thin shapes don’t work so well on dark backgrounds. After trying to avoid a white background I realised this is probably the best option for now. The plan is to make some more tote bags or cushions from these. I hope you like them. Do take a look at my etsy site, there will be more items added over the next few weeks.





Scrap Paper Notebooks

I have a big stack of scrap paper at home with screen-printed photos and designs on them from when I did an MA in Printmaking. I couldn’t bring myself to throw these away but was desperate to put them to some use. I have an obsession for notebooks and diaries of all shapes and sizes. My favourite by far is Mark’s of Monocle diary, it’s not cheap but it’s perfect for organising your life.  Also, check out Serrote, they make beautiful screen-printed notebooks.

2013-09-03 18.10.42

First I created a rectangular card template and cut out a big stack of paper so they were all the same size and shape.

Then I chose which pieces I wanted for the front panels and used a typewriter to personalise the front. I bunched them together and sewed them in place in the middle.

image (7)

Then I glued the last inner sheets to the front and back panel to keep it secure, keeping it flat under a heavy book for 20 mins. I’m very pleased with the results and love how all the different pages have old photocopies and sketches in them. I might even make some more soon.

  image (2)

One Yard Wonders!

Last September I discovered a website called Spoonflower that lets you upload your own textile patterns and print them onto fabric. The website is full of hints and tips on getting the best patterns and is perfect for any beginner who wants to teach themselves. The only downside is that it’s based in the U.S.A and I live in the UK. I would have to wait a month for my fabrics to arrive and then pay a hefty charge at the post office. I decided to look around at alternative digital printing companies based in the UK and came across BeFabBeCreative, who are based in Edinburgh. I ordered their fabric sample, uploaded my designs and chose to have it printed 100 x 140cm on plain cotton.

2013-08-18 18.01.52

It took about a week to arrive and now I’m super excited to get started on some sewing. I’m planning on making three tote bags out of the first run but my mind is already thinking about the next design to send them and all the other possibilities such as cushions, scarves (yes they do a nice silk and satin options too), purses, rucksacks, umbrellas, the list is endless.

I’ll let you know as soon as they’re made and photographed all beautifully. Thank you BeFabBeCreative, expect some more designs soon.

2013-08-18 18.30.04

New Textile Samples Have Arrived!


Last week I received the next batch of textile designs that I have been working on. I have a selection of quite different patterns. First I decided to create a modern pattern inspired by some letters I drew last year. It’s been so much fun designing them i just can’t wait to get them made into bags and photographed properly!I also made some classic Swedish style 1960’s designs using images of coffee pots and coffee cups. I cut everything out in card and then arranged the shapes in Photoshop.

2013-08-06 19.27.34

Finally I made a series of simple flower patterns.  I’ve been so inspired recently and am really pleased with the results. I am now looking for some UK based digital fabric printers to make these up. Then I will be able to make some super-duper exclusive and lovely tote bags. Keep an eye out on my Etsy page for more bags.  Thank you!

2013-08-06 19.30.25

Summer in bloom


The sun is finally out in the UK and it feels very nice indeed. I grabbed my Diana F+ and headed to the nearst park to shoot some flowers.  I only like shooting with this camera when it is super sunny. Here are the results, I think I still need to work on my framing though.

 000005 000006 000010 19

New Textile Patterns for the Summer

Hello Everyone,

I’m super excited this week because my textile samples have arrived from America. I’ve been designing these over the last few months and ordered the samples about 6 weeks ago. You can buy these patterns over at my Spoonflower site, where you will see lots more designs. They are available on a variety of fabrics and some can be made into wallpaper too! Here are some photos of the fabric and some of the designs at the bottom. Hope you enjoy!


2013-07-25 16.22.50 2013-07-26 13.38.31 2013-07-26 13.39.03