Psychedelic Circles


Last week I ventured back into the studio with a bunch of new fabric that i’ve sourced from a lovely place up north. I decided to try overlaying two colours on a large scale to see if it would look good. The day started of really badly with a few terrible prints and an exposed screen that just disintegrated when I washed it. I kept at it though and after 3 hours of faffing and moaning I managed to get my first colour down.

Once I started on the second colour I lifted up the screen and was so chuffed with the results I actually cried! It was the first time I’d printed something that is 90% perfect (minus a few image glitches here and there.)



I have to say the new fabric i’m using is just gorgeous to print on and at half the price of my regular fabric. All this hard work is starting to pay off! I’ll probably make some tote bags from this and am designing some printed tags to go with them.

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