Scrap Paper Notebooks

I have a big stack of scrap paper at home with screen-printed photos and designs on them from when I did an MA in Printmaking. I couldn’t bring myself to throw these away but was desperate to put them to some use. I have an obsession for notebooks and diaries of all shapes and sizes. My favourite by far is Mark’s of Monocle diary, it’s not cheap but it’s perfect for organising your life.  Also, check out Serrote, they make beautiful screen-printed notebooks.

2013-09-03 18.10.42

First I created a rectangular card template and cut out a big stack of paper so they were all the same size and shape.

Then I chose which pieces I wanted for the front panels and used a typewriter to personalise the front. I bunched them together and sewed them in place in the middle.

image (7)

Then I glued the last inner sheets to the front and back panel to keep it secure, keeping it flat under a heavy book for 20 mins. I’m very pleased with the results and love how all the different pages have old photocopies and sketches in them. I might even make some more soon.

  image (2)

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  1. jessieymcgee 20th October 2013

    I absolutely love these. 🙂


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