Stitchin’ and Fixin’

No one ever tells you that starting up a new project can have a multitude of problems and errors. There can be irritating little issues that make you want to forget the whole thing and retire to eating biscuits on the sofa.

Before Christmas I had my first screen printing session for a while and managed to print onto two lengths of fabric. I came across a few issues as my screen was too small for repeat patterns and it leaked water onto the fabric, causing bleeding. I also realised that i’m terrible at lining images up and ended up with a lot of wonky repeat patterns.


This week I attempted at making some cushions out of the fabric. The first one I made was too big, the second one I stitched the wrong way round and will have to unpick, the third one I prepared properly with a template and got it just about perfect apart from the print itself which is a bit rubbish.

I’m mentioning all this because It’s easy to get frustrated when there are so many people that make everything look so damn easy, printing, making, photographing and branding their work to look beautiful. I’m refusing to be disheartened and am writing all these little problems down so that next time i’ll do a better job. The next big issue for me is photographing my work. I live in a flat surrounded by objects and wires that get in the way. I’m considering shooting outside from now on because the light in this flat is just not enough.


Follow my progress hannah_b_5555 instagram

Anyway, hopefully the next session will be a little easier.


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