Itchin’ to Stitch


I have spent the past 3 weeks making purse after purse after purse after purse. I’ve been practicing with cheap calico to make sure I get the design perfect. The aim is to get the sides of the zip looking neat and tidy. I’ve been looking at lots of helpful blogs for the right technique as it’s more difficult than I thought. After the 10th attempt I got the perfect result and am thrilled with the results. I’ve just started making the “real” ones now. The lining was bought from Simply Fabrics in Brixon and the zips as well, although i’m on the look out for some classy metal ones. I’m thinking of making a leather tab for the zip pull. What would be even better is a bespoke zip pull in the shape of the little twig design but it’s very difficult finding bespoke design manufacturers.

Anyway, here are the results so far.


20140421_181510 20140421_181421 20140421_181238

Look how perfect the zip sides are! this took soooooooo long to get right and am chuffed with the final result.