Perfect prints from Maze and Vale

I’m taking tiny steps in becoming a textile designer and have just found a local studio where I can screen print my work. In the meantime I have been getting inspiration from other illustrators and printers. Today I stumbled across Leslie Keating, a Canadian designer who is based in Melbourne, Australia. Leslie creates hand printed textiles under the name Maze and Vale. I was really struck by her use of simple clean shapes and soft dusty colours. As a designer I have a tendency to overwork patterns and include too many shapes. These prints really do show how simple ideas can work.


What really got me excited is that she sells cuttings of her dropcloths (sheets of protective cloth placed underneath your printing fabric) as pieces of art. What a fantastic idea! I’ve always loved the unusual layers and shapes created on lengths of old dropcloth.


You can purchase these prints from the Maze and Vale website or grab some fabric on the Etsy site. While you’re there I recommend following her Instagram┬ápage for more exciting prints and patterns.