Punk Posters Get Swissted

Mike Joyce is a designer from New York who has had the clever idea of re-designing old punk/indie band posters using a slick Swiss Modernist style. He uses the same Akzidenz Grotesk font throughout his series and has managed to create a collection of charming, playful and beautifully minimal designs.


I actually wrote about these posters about 2 years ago but his work seems even more relevant to me now that i’m screen printing and designing patterns. These pieces are very inspiring and remind me of the Ogami notebooks featured here a few weeks ago. Some of these designs below seem to reflect the direction my work is taking at the moment. I’ve always dreamed about owning a swanky loft apartment by the Thames with a few of these posters on the wall. I haven’t quite fulfilled that dream but I have finally ordered the book which includes an impressive 200 posters. You can visit his personal site at swissted.