Paddles Print


Back in 2004 I decided to spray paint some canvas with this little paddle shape cut out of card.  I’ve always wanted to print this shape but I wasn’t quite happy with the composition. After months of fiddling about and head scratching I decided to loosen up the design and move the shapes around at angles. I’ve been playing around with colours and overlaying sections, i’ve also forced myself to stop using pink for a while. I made some purses and pencil cases from this fabric, all of which are available in my etsy shop! They’ve been really popular in the West Norwood Market as well. I had real fun playing with this design and plan on a bigger version this year.

 20160612_140750 20160612_160925


Mr Bongo Brazil 45’s

Sometimes inspiration can hit you in the most unexpected places. I was recently in Phonica Records, Soho feeding my vinyl habit when I noticed some really colourful patterns on the inners of these Mr Bongo Brazil 45’s. There are about 40 of them and every single one is different. I absolutely love the simplicity of these and the colour layering. It’s fair to say i’m obsessed with them. I bought 9 in one week and they’re all killer!

BRZ45044-DETAIL-2_f88b24ad-7177-4b8d-974f-26501e2c2576_1024x1024 BRZ45045-DETAIL2_8fe85b40-be94-44e5-b5c8-82e115e77a77_1024x1024

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Wheels and Cogs Pattern Design

The other day I made a silly doodle of these wheel shapes in my sketchbook. I love the simplicity of them so decided to create a repeat pattern. It took me a while to organise, first I tried arranging them at random over the page but eventually opted for the “less is more” approach and arranged them in a grid. The most difficult part of this process is getting the colours right. I’ve found that small thin shapes don’t work so well on dark backgrounds. After trying to avoid a white background I realised this is probably the best option for now. The plan is to make some more tote bags or cushions from these. I hope you like them. Do take a look at my etsy site, there will be more items added over the next few weeks.