Printing, Overlays and Alignment

I haven’t been updating this blog for a whole year now. The main reason is that I moved house and the familiar stresses that came with it meant I put updating my print progress right at the bottom of the list. I’m a bit settled now and have found an amazing new studio (Leicester Print Workshop) for all my experiments. I learnt last year that it’s sometimes a lot easier to print onto smallers sections of fabric, rather than try to cover large areas.  I printed this design below onto pre-cut fabric, about A3 size. This made the whole process a lot cleaner and i was able to align my colours quite easily. I was so pleased with this design and it remains one of my favourites.

Later on last year I decided to use my new method of printing smaller areas but including overlayed prints. i’m totally obsessed with overlaying colours but find it really difficult to prep. i’m never sure how it’s going to come out. Below is a test in overlying colours. i have to be honest, i wasn’t so happy with this one. I think I should’ve simplified the design and I love small areas of it. The whole pattern together though is a bit too busy for what i’m aiming for. I was also REALLY hard to align properly.


Three Colour Success


The last attempt at a 2 colour print proved to be quite a drama as I didn’t pre-wash the fabric. This meant that when I came to the second print the whole design had shrunk by 0.5cm causing all manner of problems and swear words. The problem with teaching yourself a technique is you only ever learn by mistakes. Everything I do at the moment is an experiment and i’m still trying to work out what direction to take my designs, i’m exploring different styles at moment and hopefully I’ll make a decision soon. In the meantime i’m having fun exploring and learning.

I decided to start from scratch with a new design and a slightly new printing technique, scanning paper shapes I’d cut out with some weird, photocopied textures from my Uni days. I really miss the aesthetic effects of photocopying images. It’s still a dream of mine to own one.

I pre- washed the fabric this time and cut the fabric lengths slightly shorter. I’m thrilled to say it was a great success. In fact, I nearly shed a tear when the third colour went down; it’s the best feeling when everything works, especially when you’ve spent so long preparing. It’s hard to explain how wonderful it feels to put a design onto fabric.

I’m now in the process of making them into cushions.

20151128_101944     20151128_132346 20151128_144457 20151128_144515 20151128_144522  20151128_145243

20151128_145208 20151213_121822