Crate and Barrel Peg Boards


Working from home in a small meter square space is rather frustrating, surrounded by ugly wires, plug sockets and piles of fabric is a far cry from the glamorous, idealised setups that you see plastered over every blog and magazine. This turmoil has to end so i’m investing a few pennies on improving my workspace.

I’ve been looking around for a stylish white pegboard to sit on my desk as I can’t fit any wall shelves (oh the joys of renting.) I Google searched my way to a great online shop called Crate and Barrel who have the most delightful range of three by three magnetic pegboard items and cute accessories to match. This is the perfect alternative to wall shelves and means I can get organised and tidy.


They are based in New York which is a damn shame for those of us living in the UK. They do ship out here but don’t forget you’ll get charged extra by the post office to pick your item up. I think this will end up being a little too expensive for my budget so i’m going to look for a cheaper option and see if I can make something similar without the shipping costs.